Checkout Page

Predesigned payment page which is easy to get integrated.

Checkout page is most crucial section of any website dealing with clients and customers. Survival of any business depends on its checkout page. There are certain criteria that have to be met by this payment page, like it is bound to be quick and responsive on all sorts of screens. Now when you connect with us, you don’t have to bother about designing and functionality of checkout page.

We offer our customized checkout page with fast processing server. Our checkout page comes with user friendly API kit. This makes the host website capable of accepting payments on the first place. With this, the customers don’t have to go to any external page. This helps the merchants to retain the concentration of prospective customers on your website. You can also add superfluous side panels on the checkout page to grab the attention of customers with relevant offers.

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Card Security

Unbreakable security to confidential card data of customers.

Everyone wants to be fully secured especially in cases where payments are involved. We offer comprehensive solution regarding the same, all the card details are stored in our secured server and sent through trusted channels at the time of payment processing. Bil Paid has eyes on every single move during the whole process of the payment transfer.

Mobile Wallet

Adds mobility to the payment option of business websites.

Bil Pay is friendly to all the mobile wallet apps propelled by major players including Google, Apple, Android, etc. With this, merchants will be in position to offer a new gift to their existing and potential customers. Mobile wallet feature will suppress the complexity of payment processing while ensuring more security.

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Other payment Options

BilPaid has wide range of payment alternatives. Our merchants can include the options that serve their purpose. This feature allows our merchants to stay way ahead of competitors with the help of new updates in payment trends. Along with old school methods like POS, Credit Card payments, we also have many revolutionary methods like e-Checks(ACH), MOTO, Apple pay, Google wallet.

Resoulte Security

Process your payments without any fear of cyber crime.

Along with all striking features, we mainly focus to maintain the unmatched security standards. We follow the guidelines of regulatory body like PCI DSS, FDIC, etc.

Secured server
Our servers are capable to process multiple transactions in one go with full-fledged refuge. The processing server is fully secured to handle the confidential bank details of customers with ease. It has a virtual vault where one can store card details for payments of repetitive nature.
PCI compliance
Payment Card Industry has already set some standard to safeguard the interest of the card users, customers and the merchants. We strictly follow the norms in order to serve the merchants and our clients with the world class standard.
SSL secured
Our payment portal is secured with the Secured Socket Layer to eliminate the chances of cyber-crime during the whole payment processing. SSL builds encrypted channel between our payment server and customers’ browsers which creates a safe environment for successful transaction without chances of any unpleasant experience.
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